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The scripted bitch never takes responsibility and always puts the blame on somebody else, usually someone who told them what to do or somebody who makes a great scapegoat. This is an accomplishment when one sets out to be as innocent as possible and succeeds in convincing themselves they are innocent when they are in fact NOT innocent and others are fully aware this is true. Without any recourse, however, these people are left with the option of talking behind this persons back, perhaps calling them names. But this is risky, because the scripted bitch is somehow able pull miraculous wool over the eyes of authority and peacekeepers. The scripted bitch is a center of controversy in social circles, offices, and churches- anywhere because people are this way sometimes.
I can't trust that guy. I don't know what he's thinking and people like him, even though he stabs everyone in da back, yo. He's a scripted bitch cuz he keeps gettin away with it. Sumppn's up.
by Bad Pit October 13, 2015
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