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scribbley is a verb used to describe a tribal dance using extreme movements of both hands and making high pitched screeching noises
"man, i really need to do a little scribbley!"
by cperz May 09, 2009
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Main Entry: scrib·bley
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): scrib·bliesh; scrib·bliness /-b(&-)lines/
Etymology: Middle English scriblen, from Medieval Latin scribillare, from Latin scribere to write
Date: 15th century
transitive senses
1 : appearing to be written hastily or carelessly without regard to legibility or form
2 : a covering with careless or worthless writings or drawings
intransitive senses : markings drawn hastily and carelessly
- scribble noun
Karmen is my girlfriend even though her drawings are sometimes scribbley.
by Chach September 08, 2003
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