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1. someone who listens to Screwed N CHopped MUZIK that originated in HOUSTON, TEXAS !!!
2. someone who acts a fool
1. Mann ..that boy is a Screwhead.... all he bangs is D.J. Screw
2. Mann, he is so high right...he's a damn screwhead
by Ghetto Ace August 12, 2006
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Someone who sips drank. Though known throughout Texas, it became known nationally with the passing of SUC originator DJ Screw.
Ask Lil Yo where he got that drank from. You know he's a true Screwhead.
by 5thWardMario February 14, 2012
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some one who listens to screwed and chopped music a type of music originating from houston texas
that boy a screw head all he listen to is screwed music
by screwed and chopped September 19, 2009
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Someone who is defined incompetent to using common logic, and using their common senses.

Also known to examplify idiocy, and known for that "spaced out" look when nothing is going on.
Bill: "Tommy you fucking screwhead, why did you set the bomb upside down?"

Tommy: "Fuck man I wasn't looking!"
by Chemich August 06, 2009
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Pronunciation: (skrOO'hed"),
1. the head or top of a screw having a slot for the end of a screwdriver. See diag. under screw.

2. One who is hopelessly stupid or incompetent.
“Listen you fuckers, you screw heads…here’s a man who wouldn’t take it anymore, who stood up against the scum, the filth, the deadheads.” - Travis Bickle
by RPH May 18, 2006
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