usually emo/hardcore with screaming lyrics. poison the well might be described as scremo.
by pakibeater May 31, 2003
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a genre that pretty much rips off metal. the screaming in it is extremely whiney. the genre is almost as bad a country music.
'i just bought the new Alesana cd today'
'really? well, that's nice, because they're shit as hell. fucking scremo'
'nah, they're cool'
'listen to real music.'
by HollyKilledThePromQueen September 04, 2009
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Scremo is a genre of emo music. It was invented by a group of stoners who thought they'd try to suck their own dicks. They choked on their dicks and thought it sounded cool.
c o c k suckers pretty much sums up scremo.
by Kira Saunders. June 17, 2010
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a genre of music. like emo. but rather than acoustic i-want-to-kill-myself style, its more scream-and-smash-everything-up style. a decent scremo/screamo style will have a talented vocalist and original melody. also the song will not just be full on screaming. it will be done tastefully.
grace gale

very good band

song eg: infected by
song eg: the education you recieve at pima medical

"when your life is getting a bit dull, listen to some scremo/screamo, it'll make you think"
by hmmmm no.. April 02, 2006
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the genre of music that twenty øne piløts sings.
me: listen to twenty øne piløts.

person: okay, what genre are they?
me: ukelele scremo & it’s art.
by fairlyl0calfairy June 07, 2019
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