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a screaming eagle is when an individual is vomitting as diarrhea is simultaneously shooting out their arse.
While experiencing the screamin' eagle, I remember thinking, "I wish we had tandem toilets."
by eaglebeak April 23, 2005
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When you're smoking a joint, the end of the joint that is just a burning ember, when inhaled straight into the lungs while still on fire, is called a Screamin' Eagle.
"Yo, this joint's about kicked."
"Screamin' eagle it, Ricky."
by SpotConspiracy May 08, 2010
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the action a woman/man makes when Simultaneously wanking off two cocks whilst blowing a third. the scream comes from the intense gagging sound.
Martyn: hey holty, what did you get up to last night?
Holty: i watched your mum do the screamin' eagle again
by holtyman December 05, 2006
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when you are smoking a blunt, and it get's to be roach sized (aka too small to deal with), and in one quick motion you inhale really fast/intensely, and swallow the blunt.
Ghost face killah screamin eagle -d that blunt last night, can you believe it?
by aBbra kadABRA August 27, 2008
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