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The sexual act of when a girl gives you a blow job and gets the pubes all in her teeth. Later she may use the pubes for floss. Or to keep for later DNA to prove the child is yours. Scrappycats give a 50/50 chance of death
Tina, I gave Dylan a scrappycat last night.
by PaspaVito June 02, 2018
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A type of oral sex that consist of a 14 year old girl and older. The then starts performing a blow job on a boy 14 or older with an exesive amount of hair on his genitals. While she is performing this act she gets the hits stuck between her teeth. The boy or man does not feel any pain because he is constantly sheading genital hair into her mouth.
"Tina I gave Dylan a scrappy cat last night."
"I was giving a girl a filling and she looked as if she just gave someone a scrappy cat."
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by PaspaVito June 03, 2018
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