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1.a really bad person,singer,and non-talented being insult to ones presence
1.-dude,that band tonight blew goats
-yeah,i know,was that lead singer scott stapp?
2.-dude quit being such a fuckin scott stapp....god damnit
by lucas mcrevere June 15, 2004
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The lead singer of rock band Creed. At around 2000-2002, you would find Creed as a generic band. But now back to Stapp. Stapp was known for getting drunk and getting in to trouble a few times. Reckless driving, fighting with the band. But the most well known crime people scarred him for was beating, or trying to beat his wife. Stapp had stumbled in to their mansion, likely drunk. He yelled at his wife, following that, he threw a glass bottle of Orangina at his wifes face. It almost hit her. After this situation, he was labeled a wifebeater and his many fans began to turn away. Stapp's career was falling apart.
"Did you hear Scott Stapp tried to hurt his wife"
"GOOD GRAVY! Why would he do that?"
by The JoshMeister101 July 23, 2009
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