noun. A hardcore producer and DJ from Scotland. His record label, Evolution Records, has put out a number of highly successful releases. Scott Brown also produces a mix cd for the "Bonkers" compliation series.
"scott brown's kick drums are fucking *HARD* man! how does he get em to sound like that?"
by Olly J February 23, 2005
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The Man who drives a truck. Also the republican senator from MA
I'm Scott Brown and I drive a truck
by Captainfuckingamazing February 09, 2010
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noun - Indicates that a person is getting screwed, although they may not be receiving health care services.

alternative - Used to describe the pity fuck health care advocates give one another upon the death of health care reform legislation.

etymology - Based on newly elected Sen. Scott Brown's (R-MA) election and his nude photo spread in Cosmopolitan magazine.
"My boyfriend gave me a Scott Brown Cosmo blowjob because we found out that I can't afford the liver transplant that I need to survive."

"The insurance company just gave me a Scott Brown Cosmo by denying my chemotherapy."

"I just gave one of those union organizers a Scott Brown Cosmo to console his grief over the death of the bill."
by NazarethEMU January 25, 2010
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1. Any bicycle ride (or other means of locomotion) of any distance with the intent of getting shit faced (drunk, trashed, wreckedor otherwise intoxicated) at the end.

2. A bicycle ride as means to the ends of getting drunk.

3. (Tradition) A 100 mile bicycle ride with the intent of getting drunk at the end.

(Neologism, 2011)
Hey friend, it's spring break but I lost my license because of that DUI in Wrentham. Let's do a scott brown century tonight after Jersey Shore.
by T'Bias Morgan March 11, 2011
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