To get kicked out of somewhere. To be asked to leave due to an offense.
Jo: Hey yo you think I should bring my radio into the library?

Trey: Yeah, if ya wanna get scooted and booted.
by Get like me April 24, 2007
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Primarily southern slang. Leave quickly, get the hell outta here, like scooting a boot across the floor, if you will.
"I'm gonna scoot the boot before your girlfriend comes home & catches us"
by banana_slings February 23, 2008
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what you would say to someone when they're in your way and you want them to move thier fat ass.
"Dude, scoot your boot i can't see the t.v."
by sheistyskeeze August 13, 2008
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Taking a car out for a quick and fast ride.
Hey. I just got my new car. Wanna take her out for a quick scoot and a boot and see what she can do?
by Loonzie June 19, 2019
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