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When a person has a head like a shelf

If you if you run your hand down your head you should feel a clear definition between where the head ends and the neck begins(the scoop) if you can fit 3 or more fingers on your scoop and if your scoop is about a right degree angle then you have a scoop head.

To let some one know that they have a scoop head you lightly run your hand down the back of there head. Once you reach the scoop you put your head around it and jerk it forward. The most inportant part is that you must say scoop head while the jerking is taking place.

(you have to say scoop head like you say A-Town or how you would say a year '09 or '06)
Look at Tiffany Martin, she got a big ol' SCOOP HEAD
by tybaltWHS09 August 15, 2006
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Description of one who's hair is flat on top, a then curls out on all sides. Looks like a scoop of ice cream.
Is it just me, or are more and more people becoming scoop heads.
by CCurtis January 31, 2008
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