From Yiddish any black man. A black woman is a schvartze. This is not at all derogatory but the literal translation.
Barack Obama considers himself a schvartzer, but is really bi-racial.
by Lover of language December 26, 2011
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German for black, more commonly used in the United States as a substitute for the word nigger.
Lazy schvartzer no job having having fool. Lazy nigger!
by Beaver Ben January 25, 2008
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Yiddish word used by Yiddish speaking people to indicate a black person because schvartz or schwarz is the Yiddish/German word for the color black. It is in no way a slur or derogatory and never has been anymore than referring to Caucasians as white is . A form of it is listed here and called a derogatory slur which it is not and I want the record straight, even though this site is for people who really don't care about the truth or accurate definitions.
German Obama war der erste schwarze Präsident

English Obama was the first black (schvartzer) president
Yiddish Abama iz geven der ershter shvarts frezident
by Poor RichardBlank June 4, 2020
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