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A private server for the largely popular and dead game Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. On this server you can enjoy all the pleasures that a community of 150 neckbeards and a team of admins and mods who hack and then ban you for annoying them can offer. That's right! You can be trolled when you are questing because the higher leveled players will kill everything before you can touch anything in the name of help and the moderators can ban you after confiscating an item which unknown to you, was hacked by someone else and they didn't tell you that when you traded for it, but not before they finish making piles of weapons with stats that can not be obtained by legit means in game for themselves.
"Wow! I was just banned because i didn't know my adept was hacked!"
"We schthack mods have to make sure you behave, now if you'll excuse me im going to make myself some more items."
by dcyghwiudchuw December 17, 2013
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