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The intense, casually bordering insane fear of an educational establishment. May also be used to describe the feeling of dismay casually experienced in the morning by young students
Because of his schoolophobia, the young chap couldn't sleep on the first day of school, and all the follow-up days as well
by SStudent January 31, 2009
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The phobia of going to one's education. Going to such places may result in acts of outrage and severe anthropophobia. This is a rare case and only happens in 1 in 500 people between the age of 5 and 17.
Tasha: What happened to Hayden the other day?
Cerys: His mum says he has developed schoolophobia.
Lottie: This means he can only be in the presence of people he already knows.
Tasha: That is terrible. I hope he's ok
Nyah: Apparently, he can only stay within so far of his parents or he gets scared that he'll lose them
Tasha: Oh my gosh, we should go and see if he's alright
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