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schoolboy humour alphabet is the A - Z of lavatorial words used by schoolboys
schoolboy humour alphabet

1690: An important date in Irishhistory, the Battle of the Boyne; the best sexual position in 10
Anus: A good laugh is always had at Uranus
Arsehole: A person who talks through his backside
Bog: The toilet where you go for a crap and/or a wank
Bogs: Toilets and Utinals
Bonk: A fuck eg a good bonk - a woman worth fucking
Bum: Backside
Bumf: Toilet paper
Cavalier: A boy with an uncircumsised penis
Clit or clitty A woman's fanny
Crack: A woman's fanny
Crap: A load of shit
Cum: Spunk all over hands when you wank
Cunt: A woman's fanny
Dick: Penis
Escort Agency: Upmarket name for Prossie
Fag: A cigarette; a younger boy who runs errands for a prefect),
Fart: Wind blown out of your arsehole
Feck: Irish word for Fuck
Frenchies: French Letters
Frig: An alternative for Feck or Fuck
Fuck: Sexual intercourse with a woman
Geld: Castrate
Goolies: Testicles
Handjob: Having a wank
Hard on, a: A stiff dick or prick
Homo: A homosexual boy
Hump: Fuck or Bonk
Jack Off: Masturbate
Jacks: Urinals
Loo: see Bogs
Pansy: a bit of a sissy
Poof: A homosexual boy
Poofter: homosexual boy
Prick: Penis
Queer: A homosexual boy
Roundhead: A boy who is circumcised
Shit and shite: crap dumped in the bog
Six of the Best: an old expression.
A good caning given by a master or prefect
(Political Correctness means Corporal Punishment is no longer allowed).
Skiv or Skivvie: School maids. Not bad looking women.
Many of the older boys want to fuck them. Some probably do fuck them.
Spunk: The creamy white stuff all over your hands when you have a wank
Tits or Titties: Breasts of a woman
Toss: Masturbate
Tosser: Someone indulging in wanking
Tossing: Masturbating or wanking.
Toss off: Masturbating or wanking.
Tuck Shop: School food is OK. Many guys like buying a snack at the tuckshop.
Wank: Masturbate
Wanker: Someone who masturbates
Wet Dream: You dream you are fucking a woman, get a hard on and wake up feeling
somewhat wet with spunk all over the bed. Basically it is masturbating with no hands.
by Stias. January 13, 2006
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