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She's that girl with the scratchy, high-pitched voice singing pop songs in the back of your English class like she's the next Aretha Franklin. He's that guy who pretends to scratch his stomach just so he can show off his abs. She's that girl complaining about how much her life sucks because Tutti Dolci-Creme Brulee lip-gloss was discontinued. He's that guy complaining about how much his life sucks because he got a stain on his bright white sneakers. She's that girl who makes stupid, ignorant comments, and the worst part is that she never catches on to how stupid or ignorant she is; she just likes to hear herself talk. He's that guy making trite, cliché, out-of-line, and definitely not funny jokes, and the worst part is that he never catches on to how not-funny he is and he will continue to make not-funny comments in the hopes that everyone is paying attention to him.
Girl schmii: AHMAHGAD if liikee you ate a pink ball of yarn and your hair is blond would you wake up with some like totally rad streaks the next morning?
Normal Human being: I refuse to dignify that question with an answer.
Girl schmii: So that that equals yes!! I'm totesss going to do that then!!
Normal Human being: Schmii Schmii.
by schmii March 10, 2011
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