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schizofriendly (skit so frend lee) ADJECTIVE. The ability to cause insanity in others. Or the ability to communicate with the insane. From “schizophrenic” and “friendly.”
Her- Why were you talkin' with that fat, creepy homeless guy who's always talkin' to himself?

Him- Who? Oh, that's Bill. Yeah, he's schizophrenic. Sees dead people lying everywhere, trying to wave at him and talk to him.

Her- That's awful, how do you know him?

Him- I just met him on the streets here.

Her- So WHY do you talk to him? How do you even understand what he's saying?

Him- I've always been able to communicate with anybody. I'm schizofriendly.
by Maxhole June 22, 2009
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1. Someone who understands the illness 'Schizophrenia' and is friendly towards the people who live with it.

2. A positive term used to identify someone living with schizophrenia and they are also friendly.
1. I understand the brain can be complex for many different reasons. I accept you just the way you are. I am schizofriendly.

2. Although I suffer from schizophrenia, I am a friendly person. I am schizofriendly.
by Mr Democratic Socialism September 21, 2018
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