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adj. to be in a panicky meltdown; to be nervous and stressed while breaking down
He was schellering when he was looking for his homework for English class.
by Undefined101 November 21, 2008
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A Scheller is decribed as a "nut in a shell". Scheller is a human that speaks before they think. A beyond weirdo. Described in Germany as the "Heller Scheller" the weirdest of all German nature. They flip at the drop of beer glass then go and hide in their nut shell. Dare not to disturb them until they had their alone time cause that's when the heller comes out! Sheller is a human nut in a shell that even Hitler wouldn't yeller at a Scheller! I shit you not...
Hitler- Scheller?
Scheller- wtf Shitler do I look like a Jew?
Hitler- Carry on Scheller so sorry to disturb your Shell time.
by Baby Dawn April 18, 2009
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To task someone with a job, then disappear.
A student came to the office to talk with Lorri, but she had to leave and we got stuck with them. I just got Schellered!

Half way through the Senior Awards Ceremony, Lorri had to leave. We got Schellered again!
by CAHS Bonobos June 4, 2021
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