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1. A person who refuses to have sexual intereaction outside of their scene
2. A person (usually a teenage boy) who claims to be gay/bisexual to be more in to the scene, but when it comes to doing anything other than making out, they refuse
scenester 1 : omg did you hear that jason got a boyfriend
scenester 2 : oh no i didnt
scenester 1 : oh well, it wont last long, the second he tries to get in jasons pants hes going to run like a little girl
Scenester 2 : Oh what people will do for the scene
by Bekra July 30, 2005
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1.Well untill the big "Scene explotion" happened, every one was in the closet. Then around the year 2000..whatever
every one came out& then some more.
you got the real gays, then the fake ones.
The fake ones just like to go both ways, or magiclly turned gay to look cool because "its what every one is doing"
this causes:
-boys at 13 wanting to be girls.
-boys at 13 having sex with boys.
-13 yr old girls claiming "bi".
-all the boys fighting over whos more "glamorous".
-Not being able to tell the difference between gay/lez/bi/straight.
-Boyfriend leaves you for a guy.
-best friend comes out, and you say "OMG ME TOO!" *aah tears of joy.
2.The extreme oriantation:
They go all ways, gay, straight, up, down, and side to side.
yep they just out do us all.
1. girl:are you gay?
boii:no silly..I'm scene sexual! ;)

2.Im like an octagon I'm Scene sexual!
by pooptwat August 20, 2007
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