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Scene kids 'lingo' is made up of purposely typed typos. They overly-use words like 'rad' 'whoa' hxc''bijillion' etc.
If your a computer geek like me, and hang out on forums, they are there. None of them speak like that in real life, but on the internet, they seem to have abbreviations for everything.
Here is an example of 'scene lingo' on the internet forums these days:-

Scene 1: Like woah. I got my new sxc hair cut today. It's uber rad.

scene 2: I bet it's the shexx

scene 1: yea. I know, you'll <33334567 it a bijillion.

scene 3: lyk, OMGWTF you cant have better hair then me, that'll lower my scene points.

scene 1+2: OMGLYKWOAH it's you scene three. ilu xbijillion

scene 3: that non scene girl called me a fag today, and I was all 'woah, STFU you biizzach.

scene 1+2: woah. your so rad. <333333 *emohearts*
by Tami The Anti-Scene December 18, 2005
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Anything that sounds awesome and just comes to your mind!
Like using insulting words (like bitch) to be friendly.
That's the sex! (He's/she's the sex)
That's rad!
Hey sexy (when seeing a fellow friend)
Lets Kick it, babe (when leaving some place)
Fantasticly Fab!
Hey bitch.
She's his whore/ she's a whore(she taken)
You have the unicorn spirt today! (your happy today)
That's fabby!
We arn't using scene lingo , we're just awesome!
by TheUnicorn August 23, 2006
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How scene kids talk. If you don't speak the right way, the other scene kids will shun you. The vocab consists of:wtf, omfg, stuf, like woah, the sexx,radd etc.
girl one: Omfg I heart you hair like woah, its the sexx. But not as radd as mine.

girl two:Like omfg wtf stfu you whore.
by gangsta-ette August 05, 2005
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the way the scene kids talk. it your trying too be scene you better get this right. and talk about how many picture comments you have on myspace.
brutalitybrittany: we cant let xbreex into the fxc she showers and she doesnt know the scene lingo !!

in person:
what thefuck
he is the sexx
thats hardcore

on computer:
x 1236
by letsbebestfriends March 12, 2006
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