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the child of an "Indie kid" and a "scenester". A person identified as "scendie" generally listens to alternative bands and acoustic bands, such as "The Scene Aesthetic", Carter Hulsey, and Never Shout Never. Scendie kids tend to drift away from the traditional pitchy and electronified music of scenesters, while sticking to more known bands than typical Indie kids. Scendie kids are more intellectual than most scenesters, but do not act superior to those who are not as smart. The typical dress and behaviors of a scendie kid consists of:
- tight skinny jeans
- plaid/flannel shirts (similiar to an Indie kid)
- graphic t-shirts (similiar to a Scenester), not necessarily band shirts. may be from Pacsun, Urban Outfitters

- love American Apparel sweatshirts and vibrant colored boy briefs.

- on the thin side. May be vegetarians or vegans.

- worn out vans, or retro Nike high tops. not as simple as the Indie kid's converse.
-big headphones

Scendie kids do NOT have typical "scene hair". Instead they wear their hair very simply and do not do much to it, but keep it more maintained than Indie kids.
"Did you see Dan's new Nikes that he got in the village this weekend?"

"Yeah, what a scenester."

"He's not a scenester. He doesn't own hairspray or a straigtener. He's just a scendie."
by Jack Silvers May 13, 2009
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A scendie is a teenage girl or boy who is into both the indie and scene culture subculture thingymabobs.

Just another combination of stupid stereotypes, well hmm.

Don't try this at home folks, it's quite tricky to combine stereotypes without giving the impression you're a complete fake and just like all the other conformists, which of course, you are. :)

It's rather tricky, in fact. Quite dodgey, but then again Dineke IS dodgey. And I am a fish. Woohoo.
"Look at Dinky, she's such a scendie!"
by kaaaaaaaazzy karees. yes. February 14, 2008
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