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1. a party or rave that is so filthy it makes you slightly uncomfortable. it is used to describe a good after party, rave or festival. you can't unsee the things you see at a scauldy session so it is wise not to bring more innocent friends along if you think it's going to get scauldy.

2. adjective used to describe a tune with a heavy drop, when a scauldy tune is played it filters out the posers from the true sesh gremlins
1. Last night was so scauldy, I ended up back at some random gaff with these lads from Limerick, I literally saw some lad trying to make a rollie out of all the dirty floor tobacco.

I'm so sickened I missed Life Festival this year it looked so scauldy

2. Lad1: "Man what do you call that scauldy tune with the preacher talking and it goes into a scauldy techno tune?"
Lad2: "You mean Cj Boland The Prophet? Man I haven't heard that in ages that is so scauldy"
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by 8cansofdutch June 28, 2017
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after a hard night of alcohol and illegal narcotic consumption, then you resort to finding a place to continue partying and the vibe can be considered as 'scauldy' or 'scauldy buzz' , scauldy is used in the term of being weird or strange , spooky can also be used
this is a pure scauldy buzz , any more narc ?
by Mr. Crabs October 16, 2017
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