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From the words "scary" and "vagina"= "scaryginer".

A scaryginer is a ferocious beast that is both angry and untamable. Anatomically, the presence of excessive inner labia creates a roast beef like appearance in the female genitalia that is both grotesque and unattractive. The double headed hydra of a furginer combined with a scaryginer is something that nightmares are made of. The combination of a smoothginer and a scaryginer is a leading cause of TBD (Temporary Blindness Disorder).

Scaryginers are a phenomanon that seems to be evenly distributed across the full spectrum of "giners", ie., younginers, funginers, smothginers, etc...
"Dude, how did you make out lastnight?"

"Aint nothin' happnin'."

"No... she got a scaryginer?"

"Dude it ws horrifying. I need therapy."

by Chris Perry 88 February 15, 2008
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