Bitches that got a big mouth but when it comes to confrontation they pretend they "didn't mean it that way"
All these scary bitches talkin shit but when i pull up all the sudden it was somebody else
by Eeeeokay March 06, 2018
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I confronted this person face to face and she didn't want shit to do with throwing no hands, but over the phone that bitch wanna act real tough.
Yous a scary bitch, bet I wouldn't talk that shit to me.
by Amyblue September 29, 2018
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Your GF on her period
That scary bitch just tried to cut me cause I told her her movie was dumb
by Rollin in the deep June 09, 2016
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That bitch that has fought with everyone, won every single time, and is the most rude bitch you know.
Thats right, I'm a scary ass bitch.

sharkeisha was the original scary ass bitch.
by SlaySushi May 19, 2016
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A bitch who talks shit , but when confronted doesn't back any of it up or a bitch who ducks your fade.
Christine suffers from scary bitch disorder.
by Binderella October 15, 2018
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