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(v.) The art of taking raw manga and scanning it into a computer. Mainly used by otakus and other fans of manga. Has a deep base in the world of IRC and usually is done out of boredom. The method of scanalation usually goes like this. 1. Getting the crew, equiptment, lots of food, and software.
2. Getting the raw mangas.
3. Scanning it into a computer.
4. Translating the pages one at a time word by word into something that is recognizably english and somtimes other languages.
5. The Editing of the translation.
6. The final copy is compiled, along with some credits added to show that some people have worked hard to do this for you so donate some money to the site if you please.
7. The hosting of the final copy.
Otaku: Man when is the newest Airgear gonna be scanalate(d). I so can't wait for it man.
Scanalation Team: Rarr shut it it'll be out when its ready (usually monday).
by Zen Duex August 01, 2006
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