An online Scambaiting forum and community with the motto "Bait the way you want, not the way you're told". It has over 3000 photos of scammers obtained by its members as well as thousands of successful baits. It also has modalities (tools) unique to the forum while having only free membership and never asking for donations. The photos requested of the scammers typically consist of fried eggs on their heads, milk poured over them while they stand on one leg holding a flaming torch and a sign with something rude on it. Other examples include crossdressing scammers, scammers imitating the human centipede and scammers even make banners promoting the Church of Christian Kindness (Scamtacular's idea)
Having been kicked out of two major scambaiting forums, he decided to join Scamtacular as they never ban people for disagreeing with the admins
by Rev Moe Lester August 20, 2011
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