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1= You don't really see yourself with the other person, maybe you just think that person is cute or something.

2= You're starting to get to know the other person, or just think they're more attractive.

3= You really can look at them and kind of want them to be yours, you're starting to get a large attraction to them but not their personality.

4= You can start to see yourself with that person.

5= You can really see yourself with that specific person, you think about them or look at them more often.

6= You think of them about 50% of the time, no matter what you're doing, and you look at them very often.

7= You think of them 75%-90% of the time, you really want them to be with you, or at least do something to show they like you back.

8= You can't get the other person out of your head 90-100% of the time.

9= You want them so much, the thought of them is like a gateway drug to you. And you don't even do drugs.

10= You are head over heels in love with them, addicted to them, and you're practically always drooling over them. They are really all you think about.
Girl: How much do you like him on the scale of 1-10 like---love?

Girl 2: About a 7, I think about him a lot.

Girl 1: Oh, that much?

Girl2: Yeah. I want him to like me... *dreamy face*
by BritishStatue October 26, 2011
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On a scale of 1 to 10, where ten is (LOVE)- How much do they LIKE you, or how much do you LIKE them?

*1) I see you around, you seem like a nice enough person.
*2) My spirit seems content around you, we could be friends, i guess, If the situation calls.
*3) I definitely want to become friends, Your cute, interesting, i want to know more about you.
*4) You are very attractive, enjoying the sight of your body very much, I've thought of sexing you.
*5) I'm beginning to know you, for you, your personality entices me, thinking about intimacy even more.
*6) Your a real great person, we enjoy each other, but that's all, i already have my 8,9 or ten. (see 8,9 and ten) So, you are stuck at 6, I guess.
*7) I care about you strongly, think about you when your not around. i really do appreciate you in my life.
*8) I feel the strongest connection to you, i feel like i understand your mind, body and soul.
*9) i have sleepless nights without you, i think about you half of the day,care for you like a care for myself, wanna share special moments with you, only want you to be happy, I'm sad when you're sad, i think am just minutes away from fallen...

*10) Fallen head over heels in L-O-V-E ( you know that feeling you have for that someone, you cant explain it, but you know it. whatever is your love, then that's when its TEN (10)!!!!!!
girl: "wats my like rate on the scale of 1-10 like---love?"

guy: "right now your a definite 7".

girl: ":)"
by justtherightjew May 14, 2010
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