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AIDS contracted orally, or through the passing of bodily fluids by the one and only Alicia (issexy) Scanlan

note* words in brackets only apply for when she has added yourself in her phone for a fuck n chuck
person 1: what happened to Taylor i haven't seen him in a week?!
person 2: dude....he got scAIDS...
person 1: NO WAY! damn it alicia's done it again....
by slutbusters June 26, 2010
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When one feels ill for a day thinking they contracted AIDS. Used also to describe a person acting weird. Scary one day AIDS.
"Man, I slept with this hooker last night, and I feel kinda sick. I wonder if I got the SCAIDS!"

"John is being weird. I wonder if he has the SCAIDS."
by Rofldofl fall September 05, 2008
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