a strange alien creature residing from a distant planet named Melichan. Saywells often travel from their home-world during a pilgrimage to the planet Earth, and will live in the forest until they see a vision from the god, Irtek. Saywells have a simple diet-they eat things. According to the Melichinian religion, a Saywell cannot deny food when offered, unless said food is tainted. Saywells are attracted to shiny objects, and can be distracted easily. When in the presence of a Saywell, extreme caution should be used, they almost always act in an unorthodox fashion, and may have variably unpredictable actions.
person 1. "Holy Crapnugget, what is that thing behind you?!?"

person 2. "it's just a Saywell, ignore it, it'll go away."

person 1. "but it's screeching at us..."

person 2. "eh..."

person 1. "the game."
by CopperEagle February 05, 2010
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