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Saucery (adj): The practice of obtaining a constant state of saucin.

Saucin (adv): To sauce

Sauce (verb): Acts of righteousness in repetition
Sauce (noun): A deal

Sauce (interj): A remark; expressed with emotion
Coolin it (verb): Relaxation at it's finest; enjoying life in the simplest way

Deal (adj): Giving approval and recognition to a situation

Deal (noun): An item in which one desires to obtain at that exact moment in time

All definitions complete the idea of Saucery. One is not complete without the other; each others puzzle pieces; necessary to explain.
"Ay Beatrix, Wilhelmina, what y'all on?" Agnes asks Beatrix and Wilhelmina

"Eee cooooliiing."

"Taco Tuesday. Lehh go. My treat." says Beatrix with pride
"Saaaauce! I'm ready!" Wilhelmina exclaims

The level of saucery Beatrix has maintained, is and always will be, the most trill.

Wilhelmina finds it easiest to just cool it.. to, not deal.
- "No deal/Not dealing": Showing zero recognition to the situation and knowledge at hand. -
Alas! Human auto pilot engages. See: idgaf

2 steps ahead tip.. Try your best to swerve on any type of fuckery.

What you define as deserving is up to your own individual perception.

If you were to fall into a fuckery-like state:
1. Decrease in saucery level (FAIL)
2. Drink some cold water

3. Masturbate
4. Shower
5. Asleepyness

Don't play, when it comes to saucery.
There's levels to this shit.
by goddessB May 24, 2016
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