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1. An agressive, vitriolic, militant person of very low intelligence who tends to resent all persons who disagree with him or appear more intelligent than he is. He is highly hypocritical and tends to accuse others of doing what he himself does.

2. A person with extremely poor grammar and bizarre punctuation who often ends statements in question marks, and questions with full stops. Given to fantastical beliefs and conspiracy theories, such as that all the Greek gods really exist, but are actually extra-terrestrials. Has no understanding of actual science, but claims to be passionate about a vast number of sciences.
1. The cabdriver was a complete sasrobin...he spend the entire time I was in the taxi bitching about how all the bookish hippie geeks who opposed nuking the middle East could go get screwed.

2. That sasrobin accused me of using a fake PhD to impress other people.
by One of them February 20, 2005
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A lamer. One who is either gay, or never gets any. See snow queen. He does not know how to spell correctly or use punctuation. He uses the word "as" in place of a comma, or just puts in there to "appear" he knows what he's talking about.
1. All sasrobin talks is about sex. It's sex this and sex that.

2. Oh god, you never shut you, you're such a Sasrobin.
by Wouldn't You Like to Know November 06, 2004
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