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Normally of middle eastern background and also The most beautiful girl you will ever lay you're eyes on. She has a slight shyness to her but after a couple of minutes with her you discover her lively personality. So many guys think she is gorgeous and are head over heels. She is the nicest most caring person you will ever meet. Once you start talking to her you never want to stop. She is truly beautiful inside and out and once you see her, her beauty is forever engrained in your memory. In addition she is very charming and bubbly and is a great friend and the girlfriend you wish you had. She is always dressed to impress and has the most gorgeous long brown hair. If you ever find a Sarosh hold on tight and don't let go, you are very lucky.
person 1 : Whos that girl over there, the she's so hot.

person 2: oh that's Sarosh, goodluck every guy is after her.
by Dolpinlover21 October 17, 2017
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