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stands for "saratoga high school"

-a high school filled with overachievers who care only about grades.

-everyone tries hard in school, resulting in mass grade inflation. with grade inflation, teachers make thier classes harder. with classes harder, students try harder for better grades. its a never ending cycle.

FACT: saratoga high is much harder than the average american high school, with about twice the workload.

-it has been proven, that if a 2.0 GPA student at shs transfers to a nearby high school, s/he is now a 3.0 GPA student. simply because shs is that much harder.

-if your a new student at shs and your struggling in your classes, failing miserably, the teachers wont care about you at all. because, they need people to fail out of thier classes to take care of the "grade inflation".

- a school full of cheaters.

- a school where people hardly ever break the rules, but when a rule is broken the administration punishes the student in unbelieveable ways.

a friend of mine was caught cheating on a test and is now on trail for expulsion from the district, and suspended for 4 days.

whereas, i hear of a student in another high school who almost stabbed someone, yet he was only suspended for a few days. unbelieveable isnt it?

-saratoga high might have been recently ranked the number one public school in the nation, but in my book i rank it among the worst, because the teachers are indifferent towards you and the students are mostly assholes.

- a place i worked my ass off in school just to maintain my 2.5 GPA. i then transfered to a local CC and i now have a 4.0 GPA. (YES, college is easier for me than shs!)

a hell hole. to put it simply.
student1: shit i got a 96.4% on the last test!!
student2: haha i got a 98.2% i own you noob.
student1: omg i cant have a A- on my report card i must have an A, lets go break into the teacher's computer and change our grades!
student2: yeah sure!
by saratogasux February 02, 2004
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A high school where every single kid is a spoiled rich bitch who doesn't work a day in their life but thinks he/she is the absolute shit. Every single one is believing that they are the best.
Wow he's a pussy.

I bet he goes to Saratoga High
by jOHnd4444 April 09, 2017
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