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the essential popped collar is a must. they think that all those guys are looking at them because their hot, and nothing else. most are slutty, with their blonde ditz hair covered with gel and their boobs hanging out of their neatly undone oxford shirt. they are commonly loved by the teachers and commomly hated by the ex-boyfriends. few have true friends, most do have their covetted posse though.
Leah-to most naive girls she is a peach, but to those who know her, shes a sexually agravated stuck up child.
by sean cook January 03, 2005
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they give sabber-tooth crotch crickets to every single guy they fuck, which is a lot!!
I saw Elly giving a nigger a sabber-tooth croth cricket at Wawa for the second time.....this week
by billy bob February 20, 2005
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There are some hot girls who have their problems. First of all is Kaela who can be nice at times and then be a complete bitch at others. She goes for the grimiest guys in the school (AKA Tim Hussy). Jen is needs to realize that she is not nearly as hot as the other girls and get over it. Dan is not the greatest boyfriend( he is whipped like no other). Ali is probably the hottest girl in sanford but goes for these dumbass tatnall guys who r just jocks on steroids. Jenna is attractive but made the dumb decision of being with asshole Jeff JAWS Winnington for 5 years. She really has a better attitude then some of these girls. I can't wait to see where they get in life(AKA Nowhere)
by Boomer F April 19, 2005
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