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To place copious quantities of sand in a woman's ass
Ashley got pissed off when I sandshrewed her at the beach

Daniel wish he hadn't sandshrewed Aly before he fucked her ass at the beach. Daniel's dick was raw for a week.
by California Fuck May 21, 2008
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n. a person from the middle east. Golden in complexion perfectly complemented with a rough black beard. many sand shrews can be found traveling in caravans.
Look at that damn sand shrew over there. He is giving G.W. a piping hot carl!
by America February 18, 2004
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A Fantastic Pokemon thats great at the beginning of the game and sucks later on. Also a nickname given to guys named Andrew because he is lucky enough to have coolass friends
by Andrewjustkeepondancing January 07, 2014
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