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1: to be enticed by charm or attraction into a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power in which the victim is led astray usually by persuasion, predicated upon delusive promises and distorted reality leading to a point where the target is rejected or dismissed as contemptible and unworthy through a sequence of demoralizing vexations of pain and anguish of mind
2: to fall head over heals thinking you will be the one to get through and be the one that Mandra spends the rest of her life with, only to then end up broken and tainted for all other women for the rest of your life.
3: to be in a falsely committed relationship where the male is lead to believe that he is the one for Mandra and that he is the king of her castle, only to find out that he is not the one to ‘tame her shrew
4: when a male (usually betwixt the ages of 16 and 45) is ready to give up on the entire female gender due as a result from any or all of the above
"oh, look at that guy hanging from a noose - he must have been Sandrad!"
by jakeatmoxie September 05, 2007
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