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Sandithya is an amazing person! Barely any of them but she is so unique. She is pretty pretty, but she will always deny it. She has a low self esteem but she is good at any thing she tries. She has a hidden sporty side but doesn't like to show it off too much and oh gosh, she is smart! Her eyes are so observant and though they seem ever so ordinary, they hold many thoughts. She does have that special one that she loves deep in her heart and she tells some of her friends. She is very paranoid he will find out. Sandithya is extremely observant and it is almost like she stalks but, she doesn't really. She is very self-conscious, shy at times but very expressive when she wants to be. She is a little bit sensitive and multiple guys like her, even though she doesn't know it. Sandithya is extremely nice, putting others ahead of herself and caring for everything. She really does consider other people's feelings but she gets very stressed at times to make others happy. She swears at times and has an amazing sense of humour, best puns around! She can procrastinate easily and is determined to stop herself but it takes effort and she knows it. Also, she is super nice and friendly!

From your best friend
ILYSM Sandithya!!!!😘
I really don't know how to use Sandithya in a sentence!
by Starcreature May 19, 2018
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