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A phrase used to illustrate a shared opinion or feeling i.e. implying that two people are on the same wavelength.

A visual illustration may also accompany this verbal utterance which is signified by an intonation both eyebrows. Thus ensuring the recipient can be of no allusion as to what this phrase is symbolising.

This visual illustration can also be of use in covert situations when the sender does not wish to convey this samewavelengthiness to others.
Jezebel: Yo meth, what be the haps be haps?
Methuselah: Maxin relaxin, it ain't too taxin.
Jezebel: Me hungry, where shall we go eat?
Methusaleh: samewavelengthface
Jezebel & Methudsaleh in unison: Nando's!
by PBFC April 25, 2011
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