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Samantha Meehan is a girl who is most likely Irish. Her last name is Irish, and has a lot of history behind it. Her first name derives from a Greek suffix -antha- meaning "Flower". She may doubt herself, but she Is very kind to her friends. Soem may say she is very attractive, and athletic, but sometimes she just needs to relax. Please, for your sake, don't be on her bad side. She can be sadistic, and cruel. And she can hold a grudge for forever. If she has brown eyes and brown hair, she will most likely think of herself as average, and not good enough. This however, isn't true. She is loud, energetic, and enthusiastic about what she likes. If you were ever rude to a Samantha like this, or doubted and judged her, good luck.
-Is that Samantha Meehan? I really like her!
~Why?! She almost killed me!
by Omega_Nerd7 February 20, 2017
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