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1) the most awesome girl ever
2) she will make you smile every time you see her
3) cute as fuck
4) coolest person on earth
she's like a samaa
hey dude! you got a samaa
by arynn March 17, 2013
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A one of a kind girl who has a totally chill attitude. Sometimes comes across as bitchy but really is a good laugh. Her personality is: outspoken, very funny , competitive, understanding, honest a great friend. Also most guys will like her no matter what , she keeps her distance but is very attractive and mind blowing when it comes to relationships

Acts shy and modest but she doesn't have to try to impress to lure you in.
Hot. Great body . The name literally means heavenly.
by zzcvg May 04, 2017
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Damn. She is one hell of a lady. Samaa is very beautiful but doesn't brag about it. She is very funny, sweet, and always smells amazing. Very nice booty too. She makes everyone around her smile. You must be very lucky to be Samaa's friend.
Hey! Did you see Samaa walking down the hallway?

Yea. I also kept staring at her booty.

Damn, thats nice.
by 22fab October 29, 2018
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