A Turkish chef that sensually salted a piece of meat he was cooking in an instagram video and quickly became a meme known as "salt bae"
That guy is salt bae AF
by MayAllYourBaconBurn🔥 January 10, 2017
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The movement of putting ejaculate on your hand, bending you elbow with you hand upwards and sprinkling it down your once innocent forearm.
by rulogedhst February 2, 2017
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An extremely weird Turkish guy who happened to get pictured at the best time. Has become an internet meme
Damn who is that guy?"
Oh him? He is just a salt bae
by Dank Meme Enthusiasts January 30, 2017
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1.A person you are so used to that it sometimes makes you salty when they aren't around.
2. Someone who you're around 24/7. They are usually there for you whenever you need them. This kind of person would be up at 2am if you happened to text them. But they aren't so available anymore.
My bestfriend is my salt bae since they moved.
by Sakabi Otose March 16, 2020
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A salt bae is responsible for rubbing, massaging, tenderizing, and seasoning their bae's "meat". A good salt bae takes their bae and the "meat" out for dates and cuddles. Salt baes' are required to maintain the health and happiness of their bae's "meat", no matter how exhausting it may be gettin the "work" all the time.
That's my salt bae; She's my salt bae; Don't make me get my salt bae; I need to schedule an appointment with my salt bae; Does your salt bae accept my insurance?
by Letter T March 4, 2022
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Gandhi is the O.G (original) Salt Bae
"Long live the O.G salt Bae. Every time you use salt, praise the O.G Salt Bae"
"Who is the O.G salt bae?"
by Biscuitbabies January 8, 2019
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