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Half the student body got kicked out already
Step kid : yo why u transfer

Salesian kid:I got kicked out for throw a snowball
Salesian high school
by Vaginia sizzzsss March 07, 2019
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Welcome to Salesian where if you’re not Dominican or on the baseball team, you will receive a detention for having your shoes untied. 90% of the boys do not know what personal hygiene is. Salesian also has a grand total of 4 air conditioners for around 20 classrooms. Students mainly associate themselves with Preston baddies (no Maria treeshes).
Salesian student: yo I got a DT bruh
Salesian student 2: whyyyy
Salesian student: I forgot To tie my shoes.
Salesian student 2: Salesian high school is the best
by Stepboi123 October 03, 2019
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A School in New Rochelle filled with Johns, Chris's , Richards, and any other catholic name you could think of. Very Cuul

When cuffing season approaches, all Salesian boys will go scouting like a College Coach, at Preston High School.

Salesian also has a variety of sports, they are known for their amazing Varsity Baseball teams, good basketball program, Varsity Soccer, and their VolleyBall is one of the best in the CHSAA

Salesian Students are known for having a crazy amount of drip, but not being able to dress at all.
Salesian High School is filled with students of all cultures, not like Fordham or Iona

Salesian students only inside jokes made in school when communicating, anybody not from Salesian would never understand some of the terms used.
The Dunkin' Donuts next door is known to some of the students as their second or third home, they will be there from the hours of 7:30AM, and 2:30PM. Either eating, doing homework, waiting for the 60, or waiting to cause any type of static.
Salesian High School Students summarized
Salesian Freshmen: I don't think my teachers like me

Salesian upperclassmen: No, it's because you're a freshmen still

Salesian upperclassmen #2: who is this ? Are you a shadow ?

Salesian upperclassmen #3: No, He's just a freshmen

Salesian upperclassmen #1, #2, #3: freshmen... smh
by grizzliegri October 03, 2019
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