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To undertake a project using your initiative only to be dragged into the office yet again to be told how embarrassed & disappointed your MD is of you again (this time slamming his hand on the table - your really in trouble this time!), revising the project to encompass some ludicrous ideas to save cash & when you present to the misers & bastards they saladfinger your ass cos the ideas your MD had were so ludicrous they would never work... so your back in the office with your MD about to get saladfisted cos you 'should have known ‘what he meant’ in the first place.... only to put it back to how you designed it in the first place & start the viscous circle again… and again and again…
Aidan... Get into my office!... ''that project you sent to misers & bastards is all wrong wrong wrong! I know the fax machine is shit and everything is illegible but if i can think it you can do it! I am so embarrassed & disapointed.. send Richard in when you see him, he was 1 minute late this morning & I havent elevated my ego enough on you...'' ''Rich.. MD wants to see you.. Ive just been saladfisted..''
by R JS December 03, 2007
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