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(in Serbian). Big ass, usually nice, but it can be fat and unpleasant.
Look at this sakara, it's amazing!!
by Charuga33 August 12, 2007
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Usually nice , but can be a bitch at times. A great best friend is popular and has a nice butt.
Sakara is such a great friend.
by Karaaaaa101 January 11, 2018
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Is a blue eyed and blonde haired cutie she often gets mad at times, she is really nice and easy to talk to, she never lets you down, has an attitude, knows her worth, soo gorgeous, Sakara is amazing on the inside and out, often lies alot but hey that's just her, would love to name my daughter Sakara one day, i love that name so much
Sakara, is absolutely gorgeous!
by Sup ruh January 04, 2019
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