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Rei Hino's alter ego from the anime and manga Sailor Moon. One of the Sailor senshi, Naoko Takeuchi created her to standout from the rest of the characters to be especially "Asian." Naoko said that she wanted Rei to be very beautiful and feminine.

In the anime, Rei and the main character Usagi always fight. But in the original manga, Rei has always watched over her. As Sailor Mars, her element is fire.
"Mars prism power! Make-up!!!"
by Sueji May 28, 2004
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A character in the anime cartoon "Sailor Moon." Mars, whose real name is Raye, is the most independent of the sailor scouts, often getting into fights with Sailor Moon herself. She was the third sailor scout to be discovered.
Sailor Moon is one of the best anime cartoons ever.
by anime master August 02, 2004
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Constantly PMSing and getting into fights with Sailer Moon herself, Mars is the bitchiest sailor scout of them all.
Anime Fr3ak - Who's your fav sailor scout?
Anime Fre4k - Isn't it obvious? Sailor Mars! Because she's the cuntiest.
by Fopaegiogae June 17, 2009
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