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Beautiful girl that any guy can fall in love with easily. She is a wonderful girl that loves to show that she is smart and no guy can play with her because she won't stand shit. She is great and freaking sexy. She is sweet and cares for other. Has haters but she don't care, she's just herself. If your a guy you want her and if your a girl you want to be friends with her. Usually brunettes sometimes Hispanic.
Person 1: Oh my gosh! Look at her!
Person 2: Oh yeah she is Sahori

Person 3: Dammm
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by Physico4u April 29, 2016
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The leader of the squad, usually bringing the food. She's also Japanese. If she's not Japanese, her parents most likely have an Asian background.
Erich: "Is Sahori coming?"
Greer: "Yes, she's on her way."
Erich: "Good, because I'm starving."
by DaddyPapaJohnsJr. January 26, 2016
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