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1. Used in instant messenger conversations when the typer has become so flustered that they can't think of anything coherent to say.

2. Used to add emphasis during instant messenger conversations. The typer is so overwhelmed they have become "speechless".

The spellings are random, but usually limited to the letters in the second line of the keyboard.
1. PrettyGirl1: wanted to get ready for bed
PrettyGirl1: take off the heels and the stockings
Anubis: safkljskljfa
Anubis: You wrecked my train of thought.

Read "safkljskljfa" as, "The thought of you in heels is so sexy I can no longer think straight!"

2. Anubis: Man your AWESOME D:
Anubis: asdffhfhfaisjfa

by Erica Stratton January 13, 2008
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