A skinny, beautiful, doe eyed girl. She's funny and usually the class clown. Everyone loves her and wants to be her friend. I love all Safara's, they are wifey material and so sexy.
Boy: Hey, have you seen Safara?

Boy 2: Yeah, she looks so hot today, with her huge ass and perky tits
by Cumeater100 November 24, 2021
ManDemGad, eyelash bummer, MATERIAL GROWWLLLLL✨, Is loving and genuine☺️
Safara a di man dem gad
by Battysucker November 22, 2021
Shes hot as hell and everyone is in love with her and she's smart and funny
Omg thats Safara me and everyone ik is in love with her
by brooooo@1 November 24, 2021