when something is sad and adorable at the same time; when a person, thing or act is so sad that it becomes cute (e.g. a three-legged dog; a one-eyed cat)
My sadorable turtle lost a leg and the vet replaced it with a wheel to get around.
by ameriprankster February 20, 2010
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a girl that makes nonsense stuff and thinks she's right
"Oh my God, I'm so Sador right know"
by eizzi June 5, 2020
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A guy that only can be described with the word vibe. He likes to play beach sports and sometimes basketball. He looks like a hardcore guy who doesn't care about what he does, but can easily feel bad about something he knows is ethically wrong. He's good-looking for people he wants to impress and more of a casual-looking guy in front of his family and friends. He usually impresses girls he meets and maybe gets their number if he's up to it.
U know the tall looking darkskin? the first girl said

U mean Sador? the second girl said

Isn't he hot? the first girl said

I know and he's just vibing, like how tho? the second girl said

I wonder if he got at least a 6 incher? the first girl said

I've heard that he got a 7 inch. the second girl said
by The guy with a 7 incher March 20, 2021
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Is the life of the party with the best personality. He’s also a trust worthy person who won’t do you wrong in a relationship.
You know, You remind me a lot like Sador your such a great guy
by Bigdoonies June 16, 2021
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synonym for moron, retard, goofhead
someone with a very, very religious view
john is a sador
don't be a sador
by 2boy$1c0cK September 27, 2022
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A picture, video, person or thing that is both sad and adorable.
That photograph of a puppy with tears in his eyes is sadorable.
by GypsyMiss October 24, 2017
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