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The feelings of sadness, anxiety, and other negative emotions experienced when an amphetamine begins to wear off, either induced or amplified by the former stimulant. Can range from mild feelings of sadness/tiredness to more extreme lethargy, which the individual recognizes as not being part of his/her own natural thought patterns.

Basically the crash/comedown after taking adderall and other ADD meds.
M: Dude Jack gave me some addy this morning. At first it was great, I studied for like 6 hours straight AND cleaned my room! But around 5, I started to feel all sad and shit. This sucks.
J: Sounds like you've got a bad case of sadderall dude. I find the best cure to counteract the negative side effects is a nice fat bowl of ganj.
by p0pty0nYoF@c3 December 05, 2012
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1.The condition one suffers from when said person has a lack of adderall.

2. A name for shitty caffeine pills.
1.Chuck: Do you have any adderall for the history test tomorrow?
Bob : Nope, not having any makes me sadderall.

2. Sadderall is the poor man's adderall.

by commander mage feather January 27, 2008
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