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Sad hours of the specified human being , known as homiebet . This is the time of day where he reflects on his actions . Not only does he listen to sad songs , but he is quiet , and gets really sad . Hence sad homiebet hours . If you ever feel like you have fallen in to sad homiebet hours , contact homiebet at (931)666-6969 . He has specialized in Sad homiebet hours .
Bet : Yo bruh I been feelin kinda sad .
Caleb : would you say youโ€™re in sad homiebet hours ?
Bet : possibly .
Jarrett : Bro Iโ€™ve been in sad homiebet hours since I was a fetus .
Bet & Caleb : Damn Jarrett youโ€™re fucked .
Jarret : * fukin dies *
by Bet69 March 14, 2018
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